About Us

The internet-sphere may not be as cold as it seems. With personalized services for your personal or company website, you can be sure we are your online buddy!

Web Kaki was incorporated in 2010. We offer web development and shopping cart implementation for all business types. What separates us from others is the personalization service that we provide.

  • Not sure what you need? We help you identify your business characteristic and tailor your website.
  • Always wanted to start an online business? We help you to create your dream every step of the way.
  • Worried about your design? We come down and run through the design concept with you!
  • Busy with your work schedule? We offer on-site training!
  • Students or start-ups on a tight budget? Don’t worry, we will help to grow with you!
  • Helping people is our call, being your buddy is our business. We don’t just build your websites, we grow with you!
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Have an enquiry? Don’t hesitate and contact us! Meet up with our sales representative at your convenience with no obligations!